ORGAN MEATS - poison or superfood?

With the big rise of nose-to-tail eating I became curious about the toxic load of things like beef liver, beef brain or bone meal. My first year of carnivore diet was mainly beef and lamb and occasional seafood. I might have made a liver pate here and there and ate occasional lamb brain but it definitely wasn’t very frequent. I felt pretty amazing on just steaks and water.

Fast forward to this year (2019) and post many interviews and podcast with farmers of many sorts I have realized how much organ meat is wasted. Majority of people in the USA gag on the site of liver not to mention buying it even for dogs. From what I remembered from living on a farm back in Poland we used every bit of all the animals that we killed…even their intestines. I couldn’t say no to the free organ meats that were offered to me plus I felt like I was helping those farmers out.

After experimenting with frequent raw liver consumption the question about organ meat toxicity kept lingering on the back of my head “am I nourishing my body or loading it with toxins?”. And this question was even more bothersome after I tested my blood for heavy metals and discovered that on the range of 0-14 my mercury level was at 22. By no means am I blaming organ meats for this, I definitely ate a fair share of Chilean Sea Bass, oysters and shrimps. Anyway, I finally decided to test regular calf liver, which i have purchased at Sprouts and 100% grass fed/finish, organic liver purchased from Whole Foods and below are the results and explanation of how to read them and what it means.






One thousand parts per billion equals one part per million:

1000 ppb = 1 ppm

To derive ppm from the numbers in the report, just divide the ppb numbers by 1000 to get ppm. (It’s all

metric, which is what makes it super easy to translate units.)

Here’s a brief guide that explains each of the columns you’ll see in the report:

ELEMENT: This is the elemental symbol of the element being analyzed. A great online resource for

viewing the elements is The more common elements include:

Pb = Lead

As = Arsenic

Hg = Mercury

Cd = Cadmium

Fe = Iron

Cu = Copper

Au = Gold, but please ignore gold numbers, as we are currently spiking all samples with gold in order to help retain mercury. (Gold numbers will not be accurate, therefore.)

MASS: This is the accurate atomic mass of the elemental isotope being analyzed. Some elements have more than one isotope and therefore have more than one mass that’s analyzed.

CONC: This means “concentration” and is given in ppb.

UNITS: Confirms that the units being used are ppb.

RSD(%): Relative Standard Deviations. Describes the statistical certainty of the result for that element.

Lower numbers means more data points and greater confidence. It is perfectly normal to see an element with a very low concentration have a very high RSD. This is because very few ions of the element were available to detect.

DET: (Analog/Pulse) Describes the detection mode of the ICP-MS detector. “Pulse” means digital and is used for very low concentrations. Analog is used for higher concentrations. This is not really important for you to consider, but it helps scientists understand the analysis better.

What numbers are acceptable or good?

The scope of our analysis does not include any interpretation of which results are “good” or “bad.” There are a multitude of factors in determining this, including the concentration and nature of the sample itself. In general, it is completely normal to see high strontium in well water, for example. It is also normal to see some level of aluminum in all foods. In terms of drinking water or well water safety, the EPA publishes limits (“Action levels”) of heavy metals in water, available at:

EPA guidelines for drinking water:

Lead limit = 15 ppb

Mercury limit = 2 ppb

Copper limit = 1300 ppb

Cadmium = 5 ppb

Arsenic = 10 ppb

Verified A+++

Lead < 0.025 ppm (25 ppb)

Cadmium < 0.1 ppm (100 ppb)

Arsenic < 0.62 ppm (620 ppb)

Mercury < 0.006 ppm (6 ppb)

Verified A++

Lead < 0.05 ppm

Cadmium < 0.25 ppm

Arsenic < 1.25 ppm

Mercury < 0.012 ppm

Verified A+

Lead < 0.12 ppm

Cadmium < 0.5 ppm

Arsenic < 2.5 ppm

Mercury < 0.025 ppm

Verified A

Lead < 0.25 ppm

Cadmium < 1 ppm

Arsenic < 5 ppm

Mercury < 0.050 ppm

Verified B

Lead < 0.5 ppm

Cadmium < 2 ppm

Arsenic < 10.0 ppm

Mercury < 0.1 ppm

Verified C

Lead < 1 ppm

Cadmium < 4 ppm

Arsenic < 20.0 ppm

Mercury < 0.2 ppm

If you don’t feel like reading through all of it I’ll summarize it for you. Looks like conventional and grass fed-finished livers qualify for A+++ verification. Some nutrients in grass fed are higher then in conventional beef liver and others are lower. What surprised me the most was how high copper was in conventional liver and how low it was in grass fed.

In summary looks like both are safe to eat from a heavy metal standpoint. Of course there are other things to worry about such as glyphosate and environmental issues associated with feedlots. Am I promoting eating conventional meat or do I lean towards one or the other? I think we should do the best we can with what we’ve got. If someone can only afford conventional liver I think they’re still going to be healthier eating those vs not eating them at all.

I don't do drugs, EXCEPT

...LSD, shrooms, ibogaine, iboga, ayahuasca, 5-meo-dmt, kambo, MDMA... But are those really drugs? I guess even food can be a drug if abused. My mind could be a drug if i let it, anyway back to the story...

Back in the day when I owned a TV and a couch and had a Netflix account (now i just steal my friends login to watch docs on my phone), I came across a movie called "DMT, the spirit molecule" and naturally afterwards I went on google trying to get my hands on the substance (epic fail and I don't know shit about dark web). Meanwhile I texted a guy I was dating at that time to tell him about my amazing discovery but he shut me down saying "So now you want to be a druggie". After bitch slapping him (in my head of course) to a point his face was purple and thinking what a closed minded asshole he was I forgot the whole thing and moved on with my life without becoming a "druggie". 

But it wasn't long until ibogaine found me and funny enough it found me close after that purple faced asshole dumped me.  I can handle a lot of shit, a lot of physical pain but I would lose it when people left. The feeling of loneliness was something I didn't know how to deal with (goes way back to when I was seven and my mom left, I woke up one day and she was gone) and to avoid "dealing with it" I put my body through lots of suffering and mind numbing addictions. Enter Ibogaine (and if you don't know what that is, fucken google it that's what I did but apparently not well enough). I found a place in Mexico - of course I researched the heck out of different places before committing to one...unfortunately what I didn't do was in-depth research on the plant itself. 

So I get to Mexico and it turns out the rest of my group is all men and one of them is the director of the DMT movie, he also directed the ayahuasca movie which he previewed for us at the resort. Everyone in the group but him and I had very strong drug addition and everyone but me knew a lot about all kinds of drugs and once they found out I had never done any of it they put me on the "drug virgin" pedestal from which they expected me to fall in a horrific way. I got worried once I found out ibogaine is probably the strongest out of all plant medicines out there. My brain split and one went : "here you go you impulsive fuck turd, you got what you deserve-runnnn!"( sadly, i still talk to myself like that yet I would never say that to someone else) , my other brain: "you got this girl! you can do it! " At the end, I figured these guys were bunch of pussies trying to scare me and they ended up talking one of the guys out of the whole thing (sorry dude, your $7K just went bye bye, no money back).  

The experience itself was...incredible (for me at least, the rest was too busy puking their guts out).  I also got to experience 5-meo-dmt which made the feeling of loneliness vanish. I have never felt so free, so connected and I have never felt so much love and happiness - EVER! The substance really makes you let go and surrender and once I did that all that was left was love, happiness, and beauty. 

After a week of deep healing I finally got back home and I started noticing weird things I was addicted to: morning news, my phone, fruits aka nature's candy and others. But all that was gone - I couldn't care less to be on my phone, I stopped watching TV all together because I noticed how angry it made me. I stopped carrying what people though of me. I felt like Jesus walking on water (I'm pretty sure he felt like that ...or at least after he did shrooms - news flash! Jesus did shrooms, re-read the bible if you don't believe me, he also did DMT). My close friends worried I would turn into hard core hippy (I love my wax too much for that) and that I would stop believing in God. I look at it this way, I have nothing to lose by believing in God (my form of God) and everything by not, so I just believe.

Since then my "spiritual journey" escalated. Other healing plants and substances found their way into my life when I needed them. I've been through many ayahuasca ceremonies and got my ass handed to me on several occasions but I have healed so much and released so much of subconscious junk that I wouldn't have it any other way. I have realized how much my subconscious was controlling my life. Anything from the way I moved to the relationships I had was directed by those believes that were imprinted in me before I was even born. I still have lots of healing to do but now I know I'm not alone and no matter what everything will be just fine...

PS: I might have talked Ben Greenfield into doing Kambo if you see any kambo spots on him tell him I say "you're welcome"

- @biohacking.chick ;)

my psychedelic journey in summary                                                                                                Ibogaine > 5-meo-dmt > ayahuasca > kambo > shrooms > MDMA+shrooms >iboga> LSD > weed


WHO IS THIS HALF NAKED CHICK THAT RUNS AROUND THE DEEP WOODS OF WISCONSIN IN 20°F WEATHER, TAKES DIPS IN HALF FROZEN LAKES, AND EATS SUNSHINE FOR BREAKFAST? Ahhh, it is I. The crazy polish chick that on the outside looks like your average gal (with some newly acquired "tiger stripes" on her torso - but that's a whole another chapter for this book.)

I was born and raised in Poland where I lived till age of 13. Both of my parents were US citizens so it was only natural for the whole fam to move to the land of "endless opportunities"...besides the future in the US for three young kids looked much brighter than what Poland had to offer at that time so of we went without looking back.

The culture shock was intense and not knowing the language was hard and kids were brutal. The first year was hard to get by as there was not one day where I didn't think about throwing myself in front of a bus. Besides the mental fuckery the whole experience brought I also went through a lot of physical "trauma".

Back in Poland we ate what we grew on our land least majority of the time and ice cream was a once a week (if that) treat in the summer - because what moron eats ice cream in winter (they weren't even available at stores in winter)?... In my little town there was no supermarkets filled with mitochondria poisoning blue lights, there were no supermarkets PERIOD.  There was no decorating houses with Christmas lights, no neon lights on the streets - there were street lamps but hardly any ever worked. That was my little town, where everyone knew each other, where the priest would spend the whole religion class investigating why my father didn't show up to Sunday mass --"because he was too shit faced!" (usually what I thought in my head but never said it out lout).  Out of the whole town my family was usually one to get the newest tech - colored screen TV, VHS (remember those?) phone, gaming system and so on.  I was always mesmerized by all the tech and for some reason I just knew how to set it up without instructions #techgeekatheart . But even though we had all of this available to us my mom made sure we weren't stuck at home in front of TV. We had to ask for permission to watch TV for an hour or however long the tape about Jesus was - yuppp that's all we got to see and even that was limited to once a week.  But in spite of that I still thought life was good. We got to play outside from sun up to sun down, in spring we played in mud, in summer we wondered the fields collecting wild berries and herbs, and in fall my sister and I would make cakes from dirt- we even built our own kitchen in the woods. 

Now transplant that into Chicago where streets never sleep and look like constant Christmas Light Show. I remember the first day my mom took us shopping to Old Navy and Target and my sister's eyes would water and get super red and I'd feel like I got slapped with naked ass across my face (i'm pretty sure that's what it would feel like). All I wanted was sleep...all the time.  I was tired and drained --all damn time...add suicidal to that combo too. I cried for no reason and my parents were worried about me ...I was worried about me. So I guess this is how I got into "biohacking" or was it when I was 9 years old, still living in Poland and after reading an article in a health book about how green peppers will help develop breast I went out to our garden and tried binge eating 3 lbs of green pepper -- needless to say, till this day I hate green peppers and my boobs didn't magically grow overnight - in any event, biohacking was part of me as long as I can remember. 

So what's the point of writing this? For me this "journal" is a place where I can share some of my experiments while dropping all the f bombs I want, talk freely about sex, nipples and dicks if I feel like it. Place where I relieve any and all frustrations --WELCOME TO MY MIND'S VACATION SPOT!

 Buckle up and be ready for an adventure just might learn something useful along the way.