• carnivore diet
  • ketogenic / keto-paleo diet
  • low carb
  • gut  healing
  • fasting
  • "clean" eating
  • paleo diet
  • bulletproof lifestyle
  • autoimmune protocol
  • whole 30


We all struggle in some areas of our lives and we all need help, at least I know I do.  Even though I'm a coach I still work with a mentor who helps me see things from a different perspective because "you can't read the label when you trapped inside the jar...".

My personal weight and health struggles set me on what seemed a never ending research and experiment journey. From raw vegan, and fruitarian diets to ketogenic and fasting, I think I've tried them all and now I'm a self proclaimed expert in most of them. I have learned many lessons through the mistakes I have made and I sure have wasted a lot of money on the next pill or powder that sounded like a "cure all" for all my health struggles.

I am here to help you realize the power you have within yourself to overcome any obstacles and heal on ALL levels; mind, body & spirit. By sharing effective ways to maximize your health, happiness and performance we can create a plan that will allow you to be your best at all times.